About KebNi

KebNi is a socially and environmentally conscious company, focused on becoming a leading supplier of reliable technologies, products and solutions for safety, location precision and stabilization.

The value we bring to our customers is offering customised high-tech solutions that are reliable and stable. You can trust that our solutions will always work for you, no matter how rough it gets. In short, we bring stability to your work.

The company is headquartered in Sweden and has a long history and experience in maritime satellite antenna solutions and solutions for inertial movement sensing.

We market our products through three business areas. KebNi Maritime for Maritime Satellite Antennas, KebNi Inertial Sensing for Inertial Measurement Units and KebNi Land Mobile for Communication on the Move (COTM) as well as Communication on the Pause (COTP) antennas.

We operate in global markets and reach our customers both directly and through a network of resellers. Our products and solutions are addressing government & military customers, as well as commercial customers in industries for robotics and self-driving vehicles.

Since August 2020, we are a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market stock exchange in Sweden.

Market Trends & Strategy

We see global trending towards more self-operating systems and self-driving vehicles and a desire to provide data connection to all people, wherever they are in the world. Being connected to the internet is becoming an expected norm for all people; to improve education levels, to secure communication, and to share information. The future stability in the world is also highly dependent on reliable and secure communication, both via terrestrial networks like 4G and 5G, as well as through satellite networks. Safety, reliability and stability of solutions in our everyday lives are key requirements now and in the future.

Concrete technology and user trends are moving towards more robots and self-driving vehicles, communication on the move, earth observation, and disruptive technologies like small satellites in low orbit space.

KebNi’s strategy is to focus its investments and efforts on leveraging its technology, products and solutions, to contribute to and capture those growing market trends, and to help “Bring Stability to a World in Motion”.